Inscriptions and Sketch of Three Horses

Inscriptions (one may be an ownership inscription) and a drawing of three horses possibly referring to a passage in St. Agustine’s De Trinitate

Iesus saluator filius perducat nos superius vbi regnat in gloria


In Nomine Sancte et Indiuidue trinitatie [sic?] patris et
filij et spiritussancti Amen Nouerint vniuersi

[The first line comes from the hymn “Ave fuit prima salus“. “Raynutius” may be a name (> “Rinucci”?) or refer to a chapter of canon law known by the name of one of the litigants in the case that gave rise to it. The sketch of three horses appearing above the trinitarian formula of the signum crucis might possibly refer to the passage in St. Augustine’s work De Trinitate (book 7, chapter 3) where he uses three horses as an example in discussing the meaning of the word “person” as it refers to the Christian God. Or they could just be a sketch of three horses.]

Penn Libraries call number: GC5 T2984 540a

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