Woodcut Diagram of a Visual Alphabet

Woodcut diagram of a visual alphabet from Johann Horst von Romberch’s work on memory, Congestorium artificiose memorie (Venice: Melchiorre Sessa, 1533). “Visual alphabets are ways of representing letters of the alphabet by images. These are formed in various ways; for example with pictures of objects whose shape resemble [sic] letters of the alphabet, as compasses or a ladder for A; or a hoe for N. Another way is through pictures of animals or birds arranged in the order of the first letter of their names, as A for Anser, goose, B for Bubo, owl.”–F.A. Yates, The Art of Memory (London: Pimlico, 1992), p. 124-125.

Call Number: GC5 H7958 520c 1533

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