Midweek Marginalia

One of 4 early ms. marginal sketches in a copy of Giovanni Boccaccio’s Filocolo, printed in Venice on 24 December 1488 by Peregrinus de Pasqualibus (ISTC ib00744000):

Leaf h5v: dragon[?] with caption: […]hina bochina [pictured here]
Leaf k1v: flowers with caption: Ia a mo
Leaf m7v: owl[?] with caption: angela .P.
Leaf n5v: bird in tree with caption: […]ametta ..

The leaves of this copy are closely cropped at all margins with damage to each sketch. A ms. table headed “T.D.T. L. SS.” appears on leaf s4v; it records the locations of the sketches (each denoted by an initial: S, R, C, and P, respectively) in order of appearance by the folio number of the facing leaf.

Established form: Pasqualibus, Peregrinus de, Bononiensis, active 15th century

Penn Libraries call number: Inc B-744 [catalog record]
All images from this book

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