Happy Thanksgiving, circa early 1960s

Holiday cards are always fun finds in archival collections and handmade cards are even better!  While I am quite used to finding Christmas cards, thanksgiving cards are a bit less common.  So, the day before Thanksgiving in 2013, I share a thanksgiving greeting from Virginia Mauchly (born 1954) to her mother, Kathleen R. Mauchly.  Viriginia, or Gini as she was known, is the daughter of John W. Mauchly, the co-inventor of the first computer, ENIAC, which was developed right here at Penn in the Moore School.  Processing of his important (and enormous) collection is underway, so keep an eye out for future posts.

Enjoy!  I particularly love the use of the interrogation mark!

**NOTE: Based upon wonderful information from John Mauchly’s daughters (Eva, Gini, and Kathy), I am getting even more of a picture of who their dad was!  In this case, Eva tells me that she, not Gini, is the creator of this great card (please see her comment at the bottom of this post, for full details!). [September 29, 2014]


Mauchly_Thanksgiving_Page 1

Virginia Mauchly's Thanksgiving Card, page 2

Virginia Mauchly's Thanksgiving Card, page 3

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, circa early 1960s

  1. HI Holly,
    we have been reviewing this and we are pretty sure it was I and not Gini who made the card. My mother , Kathleen(not Katherine) probably gave me some paper to color on that already had Virginia Mauchly written on it in her very nice seventh grade penmanship.


      • I brought the issue up with Eva, because I knew I was constitutionally unable to write sideways across the lines on the paper. Plus my Indian ladies would never have more than one feather. 🙂 Gini.

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