New Year’s Resolutions

Happy (slightly-belated) new year, reader-friends! I hope you’ve all had lovely holidays and are as excited to get back to work as I am (seriously, I love my job!!!). With the new year, of course, comes the New Year’s resolution. Research at the University of Scranton shows that the number one resolution that Americans made in 2014 is to lose weight and that 38% of Americans made some kind of weight-related resolution. The same study also shows that only about 8% of Americans succeed at keeping their resolution for the entire year. That is not a pretty statistic.

But never fear, Victus Populi is here to help! Yes, reader-friends, that’s right. The print collection that brought you not one, but TWO full boxes of jiggly, gelatin-based desserts has an entire box marked “Healthy Cooking,” and its contents are magnificent. The items inside range from the gentle…

sunny side of life

Copyright 1934 by Kellogg Company

…to the less-than-believable…

weight watchers

Copyright 1961 by Hunt Foods and Industries, Inc.

…to the blunt…


Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

…to the…resigned?

so you have to lose weight

Am I the only one who thinks this title could make a great start to a Broadway production number?; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

But perhaps you have also resolved to get more in touch with your cultural heritage. Well, Victus Populi has your back there, too. You can taste your ancestral cookery and lose weight at the same time. Prepare to enter “The Fascinating World of Gourmet Eating (With Calorie Control),” which sounds much more exciting if you ignore the part in parentheses.

fascinating world 1

Copyright 1967 by the Wm. S. Merrell Company

This 1967 pamphlet includes recipes from various international cuisines. In an attempt to get in touch with my cultural heritage, I flipped to the section on Jewish recipes, and there I found this:

fascinating world 2

This doesn’t not sound like my Jewish grandma, except she was usually trying to fatten me up rather than slim me down.

So if you can’t diet without giving up your bagel with a schmear and some lox, then mazel tov! You’re good to go.

And once you’re on track with your resolution, be sure to remember that Victus Populi has fifty other boxes, including eight filled with dessert recipes, so you can reward yourself with a treat!

Or, you could just adopt this guy’s strategy:

Victus Populi page #17

Copyright 1964 by Cameron & Co

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